Whirlpool SBS200 Water Filter Replacement

    Model - SBS200
    Product Information

    The SBS200 Whirlpool Filter can replace the following filters: SBS002 - 484000008726 - 481281718406;  461950271171;  USC009;  SBS004;  481281719243;  PWF100;  480181700086;  Electrolux 4055069977 – Brita  

    The SBS200 is the original, manufacturers approved, internal water filter for all Whirlpool American style refrigerators.

    This filter is positioned at the bottom of the refrigerator and is easy to connect and disconnect with the unique ¼ turn system.

    The filter media used is Carbon Block 

    The advised filter life of a SBS200 is 6 months.
    For better tasting water and ice.
    Reduce chlorine taste and odor, lead, turbidity, sediment and dirt.
    Capacity : 1500 liters

    This filter is compatible with all WHIRLPOOL refrigerators which currently use a water filter shaped like a long bottle. The filter is 10 inches in length and 1.8 inches in diameter.


    Brand: Whirlpool
    Model: SBS200
    Item Weight: 286 g
    Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 30 cm
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    • Model: SBS200
    • Manufacturer:Whirlpool