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Imetec IM-1565 Massage Pillow with Warm Up Feature (IM1565)

Imetec IM-1565 Massage pillow with warms up

IM-1565 - Universal-cushion massager Manufacturer: Imetec, Italy to reduce muscle
tension, and feel great after a massage, you will be relaxed and energetic!
  • Neck (neck), flank, legs, feet
  • 4 spheres (head), which is turning wide radius(Circle)
  • 2 directions of rotation (clockwise or anti-clockwise)
  • Heating function - Therapeutic Massage, more and more effective sensation
  • Electronic control unit - with Automatic shut-off after 15 minutes.

Model - IM-1565
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Beurer MG-190 Shiatsu Seat Cover (MG190 )

Beurer MG-190 Shiatsu seat cover

The Shiatsu massage (jap.: shi=finger, atsu=pressure) originates from Asia and entails a pleasant and relaxing pressure massage with fingers, thumbs or the palms of the hand. The device mimics this massage movement. Depending on the intensity and pressure, this kind of massage can also reach deep into the tissue and is ideally suited for loosening muscles and tension. Professional. Powerful. Effective. With the Shiatsu products from Beurer you have your personal masseur in your own home.

The MG 190 Shiatsu seat cover massages the upper, lower and the entire back. 4 rotating shiatsu massage heads rotating in opposing pairs move along the spinal column providing a pleasant and powerful massage to relax and loosen the back muscles. The operating switch ensures easy and convenient appliance and can be stowed in a sewn pouch afterwards. The solid back cover contains the mechanism for vertical adjustment of the massage heads. The seat cover can be used on almost all chairs, sofas and other seats with a sufficient depth of the seat. The cover is removable and washable, the cover and top surface of device made of high quality velour.

Model - MG-190
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Imetec IM1567 Massage Chair with Heating (IM1567)

Imetec  IM1567 Massage chair with heating, 4 sphere

IM- 1567 - Back - seat massager Manufacturer: IMETEC , Italy This massage will reduceback muscle tension and feel great after a massage , you will be relaxed and energetic !
  •  3massage options - or flank , back , full massage
  •  4 spheres ( head) , which rotateslarge radius ( circle )
  •  Heating function - therapeutic massage , and more efficientsensation
  •  Electronic control unit - with automatic switch-off after 15 minutes.
  •  Fixing tochairs ( seat ) belts with velcro
  •  Removable cover - for comfort
Model - IM-1567
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Imetec 1396 Sensuij Massage Seat with Heating (1396)
Product Information


- Heated shiatsu massage
- Heated line massage.
- Heated swing massage.
- Buttock massage with adjustable intensity.
- 12 different combinations of massage.
- Heat function for a beneficial massage.
- Massage width adjustment (linear).
- Localisable massage at specific points (circular massage and swing).
- Electronic command with auto switch-off after 15 minutes.
- Backrest fastening system.
- Removable covers and cushions.


Number of automatic programs: 12
Appropriate use: Back
Colour: Gray

Model - 1396
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