Platinet PDL20 Desk Lamp (Pink)

    Model - PDL20PK
    Product Information

    The practical Platinet desktop LED lamp is perfect for brightening up any room. Its timeless, unique look makes it suitable for children's rooms and offices alike. Featuring an extensive range of light colours, this modern lamp also comes with touch-sensitive brightness control for subtle or intense light.

    Key Features

    • Three light settings
    • Powerful LED
    • Adjustable brightness
    • Flexible stand
    • Elegant look

    Brighten Your Everyday

    This lamp comes with three different light settings, which can be adjusted simply by touch. Compared with halogen lamps, the Platinet PDL20 is much more cost-effective as it does not heat up and most of its energy is expended on light. With a power output of 7W, the lamp can light up any desk and starts illuminating at full power when turned on. The light it emits is suitable for long hours of work as it does not strain the eyes.


    Energy-Efficiency: A++
    Service Life: 35,000 h
    Light source: LED
    Socket: The light direction is integrated
    Chromaticity: 5,500 K
    Material: Plastic
    Safety class
    Degree of protection IP: IP20
    Colour: Pink
    Max. height: 54 cm
    Width: 11.5 cm
    Length: 11.3 cm
    • Model: PDL20PK
    • Manufacturer:Platinet