Premier TREEbrights 1000 LED Lights for Christmas Tree

Model - LV162179
Product Information
  • Suitable for a 7ft tree with cluster style LEDs only 2.5cm apart
  • Multi-Colour LEDs give loads of appeal and with green cable
  • Complete with full multi-action options if you want to make young eyes sparkle
  • Indoor or outdoor use - just keep the transformer protected
  • Low voltage and complete with transformer for maximum safety
  • Decorate your tree quickly and professionally

  • 25 metres (82ft) lit length from first to last bulb
  • 10 metres (33ft) of lead in cable
  • Designed to be used on 2.1m (7ft) tree
  • 2.5cm only between each bulb
  • Model: LV162179M/LV162179VG/LV162179W/LV162179WW/LV162179WWW
  • Manufacturer:Premier