Philips GC004 Perfect Care Anti Scale Cartridge

    Model - GC004

    Philips GC004 Perfect Care Anti-Scale Cartridge

    The Philips PerfectCare Anti-Scale Cartridges will eliminate 99% of calcium in your iron, increasing it's life by up to 5 times. They are suitable for PerfectCare Pure steam generators equipped with Pure Steam technology.

    Each cartridge will last on average for 3 months of ironing, depending on water hardness and the number of hours spent ironing a week. When it needs replacing, your iron will warn you, then it will start beeping and will stop functioning, to ensure you don't get dirt on your clothes. You can then either use filtered water with the old cartridge inside, or replace it with a new cartridge.

    Please Note: Iron sold separately

    Product Features

    • 99% calc-free
    • 3 months of ironing
    • Increase life by 5 times
    • Pack of 4
    • Model: GC004
    • Manufacturer:Philips